Digital Revolution in Travel

This a three-part series on the digital and mobile transformation of transportation, the changing face of cities, and how it has the potential to upend everything we know about travel. This story was told in english with Skift and later translated in French and published in Travel on Move.

History of Online Travel

The definitive history of online Travel, created by Skift, is a must read.

The End of Travel and the Rise of the Smart Mobility Era

For far too long, travel has been considered as a clunky luxury. Planning and buying travel was, and still is, a long and painful process. It forces travelers to split their journey in distinct set of “segments” to be bought and assembled statically or dynamically with different transport operators. 

This time is coming to an end!

It is the end of travel as we knew it and the rise of the smart mobility era. Mobile-first travelers travelers are leading this change, and adopting services that would not have existed less than 5 years ago. This article, first in a series of three (French Version), is exploring the reasons of that change.

Tech Innovations Behind the Rise of Smart Mobility

The "digital revolution in travel” only started a couple of years ago, with the creation of public transportation standards and the “open data” movement. Then advances in technology and computing power were leveraged more broadly to offer services such as real-time multi-mode (car, taxi, bus, train etc) mobility journey planner.

The tech, data and platform changes enabling the daily travel and transport innovations we’re all benefiting from now. The mobility era is the era of digital intermediation offered through digital platforms. The second, long, article is describing the technical innovations enabling and empowering this revolution (French Version).

The Coming Fourth Digital Revolution in the Travel Ecosystem

The fourth generation revolution in the travel industry has already started. In 2015, the disruptive forces joined to form a nexus, resonated and shook the whole travel ecosystem, again. This last article presents some of the key forces of this transformation and how it could disrupt the existing travel ecosystem (French Version).

A more condensed presentation.

Case Studies

Some examples of how it is possible to re-imagine your business, here in the case of business travel. This blog post describes what has changed and the possible revolutions in the domain, while the slide deck below presents some innovative tools created.

And finally, a more platform-oriented vision.

Other case studies

special thanks

This series of articles would not have been possible without Rafat Ali CEO and Founder at Skift. So many thanks to him.
Many thanks also to Guillaume Poulain, from Travel On Move, who contacted me to publish this serie of articles in french.