The world has changed.

Your Information System has to!

Digital transformation occurs incrementally and from the inside out . It requires changing an entrenched culture that’s often characterized by apprehension or even fear of the disruption (including new skills and job duties) that may follow from new digital tools. 
Learning how to manage that change will consume substantial time and attention for executives.

Reinvention, by contrast, succeeds by taking an outside-in perspective. Starts with customers’ needs and then tests different innovations that could address those priorities.  Of course, the innovation might cannibalize some part of the legacy’s current business, though better the company cannibalizes itself than allow other companies to take the lead.

The good news is that the technology has evolved so much that both digital transformation and reinvention could now be done at a very reduced cost, enabling and iterative  "try and test" projects.

You can either become (source Bain & Company):

  • An Aggregator that redefines the interface between traditional actors and customers, putting pressure on their profit margins. The objective being to become the primary interface.
  • An Innovator, that uses existing technology platforms (especially ready to use and in the cloud), to build easily and deploy quickly new products and services that will have a short lifetime (the one of the users' desire). You can then squeeze margins while also taking revenues away from traditional actors, reducing their function to simply processing transactions (for example: banks or Travel Management Company just doing fulfillment).
  • A Disruptor (or a digital barbarian) that seeks to redefine the rules of an industry and replace incumbents by providing alternative products and services, often offering a better experience for a targeted customer group. By freezing out incumbent actors, they take revenues and threaten legacy players economics in market niches, cherry-picking the most attractive customers.

This web site is intended to provide you the keys to understand the digital revolution occurring NOW :

  1. With examples in the Travel and Transport business domains;
  2. With the Digital Enterprise Architecture Codex, providing up-to-date and easy to access new technologies tutorials and best practices, to be used to reinvent your products, services or Information Systems. They are organised by topics (like APIBig Data, or NoSQL).

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 William El Kaim

Knowledge is only useful if it can be reused.
— Michael Ballé (Institut Lean France)