Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Architecture is the Governance and overall Plan to effectively structure, manage, integrate, secure and evolve the information system landscape of the company, aligning to business and IT strategy.

Introduction to Enterprise Architecture

The first presentation is an introduction to EA, EA processes, EA frameworks, and give some example of EA tools. We also introduce at the end the topic of EA governance. So normally, all you need to know to start you EA journey.

Operational Aspects of Architecture

When doing architecture, one of the often neglected aspect is the operational architecture. It is nevertheless very important to understand what are non functional requirements (also called "ilities"). In the presentation below, we briefly define: Reliability, Availability and SLA, High Availability, Single Point Of Failure (SPOF), Transaction, CAP Theorem, Scalability, Performance (in genarl and web application performance) and Clustering.

English Resources

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My preferred EA Tool today: LeanIX

EA Tools I've used: CasewiseMega.

Free tools also exist like : Archi, AdoIT community, Dragon1Essential, Iteraplan (or SmartEA),