Digital Revolutions

A revolution is generally defined as “a forcible overthrow of a government or social order, in favor of a new system”.

A revolution, as opposed to an evolution, could not be stopped. People could be against it or participate in it, but it will happen. In order to be able to act (against or for it), it is necessary to understand the forces in action and their causality.

We are leaving a new post-industrial revolution, mainly due to technology advancement, the Internet and the capability of people to be connected to others and also due to the globalization of the economy.

To better understand the fourth industrial revolutions, and how it affects our society, you could read this long post I wrote on my blog

Digital revolution business cases

In order to help understand better how this fourth industrial revolution is "eating the world", examples are given in three business domains:

Digital revolution explained

The first presentation is a general introduction to the fourth industrial revolution, and the business distributions. It also presents some hints like a new operating model and some directions concerning digital marketing for a networked brand.

The second presentation focuses on the sharing economy and the makers movement, which are also transforming the business at a very high pace.

Interesting English resources

Interesting French resources

Participation to panels

I had the chance to participate to two panels around digital revolution (in French), organised by Revolution9. The first covered "open innovation" and the second the digital revolution transition.