William El Kaim

With more than twenty years of experience in designing, auditing, improving, implementing and validating enterprise and technical architectures in different organizations (from startups to international companies), William El Kaim has a deep and solid enterprise architecture background. 

He started his career in a public research center where he made several publications (LIP6). Then he worked on the private R&D domains within Thales where he was leading the architecture practice in European projects. He also participated at the OMG at the design of UML 2 and MDA and collaborated with the SEI on “Software Product Line Architecture”.

Then he started making consultancy, in particular around enterprise application integration (ERP and EAI) and ecommerce (EDI, B2B). He was then hired as an internal enterprise architect in international companies. As an enterprise architect, he is able to build and disseminate the Enterprise Architecture governance rules and set of policies, to build the information system cartography and provide urbanization plans (as-is and to-be models), to assess and support new projects architecture and to train and evangelize architecture best practices and standards.

The last years, he worked in digital marketing and innovation positions with both business lines and IT, to help companies transform themselves and create new incremental and disruptive services. For example, he filled a patent for a service being able to find the best place for a meeting using several criteria or he invented and co-designed a transport open data and open source platform named catalogue. He also collaborated to the design or the French digital gov. platform for Taxi, names Le.Taxi.

William El Kaim is recognized as a seasoned Big Data expert by BPIfrance and did several French Research Tax Credit (Crédit d’impôt recherche, or CIR) assessments of company’s technologies and strategies.

Based in Paris (France), William El Kaim is a French citizen and holds a PhD in Software Engineering from the Pierre and Marie Curie University (Paris VI).